Growing together

For sustainable development of Sechura.

This program will grant a full scholarship to fifteen (15) teachers who work in educational institutions in the province of Sechura, graduated from Pedagogical Higher Institutions, with diplomas conferred on behalf of the Nation in Preschool and Elementary Education, introducing a set of educational innovations and humanistic education to obtain their Bachelor or Professional Degrees from the Universidad de Piura.

General Objective

To train and update teachers at the service of the province of Sechura, in order to improve their professional performance and to enable them toto move up various educational practice scales, relating to equal opportunities.

Specific Objectives
  • 1) To provide a humanistic education.
  • 2) To increase the teachers’ professional skills.
  • 3) To allow them to access postgraduate studies, once they have obtained their bachelor’s degrees.
  • 4) To improve the learning level of the children at elementary and preschool levels.